Butterflies and Dragonflies Healing and Wellness offers a wide range of products and services to heal body, soul and spirit.  Let us be your guide to a peaceful, mindful, enriching and abundant life!


Anita Stettner

Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Faith based counsellor, author and lover of life!

Anita is a mother of two living in small town Saskatchewan where after many years of chasing a career and the wrong men, she has found the peace that transcends all understanding. Lover of the nature finding beauty in all that surrounds her, she now chases sunrises, sunsets, the moon and the outdoors.

Anita is a member of AACC (American Association of Christian Counselling) and ICCA (International Christian Coaching Association).

Her dedication to health and wellness and her love of Jesus and Christian based yoga has lead her to becoming a Holy Yoga Instructor. She recently completed her Masters in Holy Yoga obtaining her M-HYI.

Let her passion for living a peaceful life inspire you to find love and peace in your own life.

Turn your life around. Break free from your past and find the new you.

Let’s turn your fear into faith!

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